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Josh Taylor

Designer and director for teams that solve billion dollar problems

(and upcoming unicorns too)

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VP / HEAD OF DESIGN · 2021-2023

I led Solana to be seen as the best designed and most usable blockchain in the world, launching various new products, like the Saga phone, and establishing a brand owned by the community.

Solana Saga phone
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I helped build out the product design discipline, leading designers, content writers, and researchers to completely reimagine how Americans think about their finances.

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I joined as designer #3 and we grew the team to 30 while launching a suite of apps loved by over 150MM people.

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I work with small but mighty teams to create innovative products.

Solana Saga Phone details


Solana Saga Phone

We launched a crypto phone that showed Solana was THE blockchain for innovation. Design for a hardware device, OS software, dapp store, showcase apps, branding, websites, packaging and more.

Credit Karma Stories


Credit Karma app

A major initiative to create the architecture that would allow us to expand into multiple new verticals. We weighed many revenue and traffic concerns as we built a powerful ML driven experience to provide personalized experiences for our over 100M members.

Parrot iphone app


Parrot for Podcasts

What if we built a podcast app that allowed you to save clips you love, share them, and see what the community is listening to? It just may change the way you listen to podcasts.

Evernote web app


Evernote web app

I led a small design team to completely rethink and redesign Evernote's web app. The final product increased engagement and served as an example of what Evernote's note taking experience could be.

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Solana brand

We created a brand that is owened by a vast community instead of a central entity and became seen as the best designed block chain.

The Plastic Ones


The Plastic Ones

What can AI do for creators right NOW? I created a vast world of IP as a deep dive into the current state of the market.


Lilt AI translation

I worked with Lilt to build their first product, taking deep tech and putting the first interfaces on a professional tool.

Credit Karma Tax


Credit Karma Tax

A challenge—build something new for our 80M+ mobile members by allowing them to file taxes directly from their phone in 10 minutes.

Penultimate for iPad


Penultimate for iPad

Penultimate was acquired by Evernote in 2012 as one of the highest grossing iPad apps at the time. To stay on the top of the handwriting space, we knew we'd have to make big improvements.

Airbnb Smart Pricing


Airbnb Smart Pricing

I helped the Airbnb launch the first version of their ML backed pricing model.

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Clearly browser extension

Clearly pre-dated the reader view on Safari. We made a beautiful way to browse the web.

Snowball for Android


Snowball for Android

Android notifications were a mess. Snowball made them readable and actionable.

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