Design Leadership

I’ve worked with startups of all sizes to bring innovative ideas into the real world.

I’ve managed teams of highly talented designers and helped design teams explode through critical growth stages at Credit Karma and Evernote.

Credit Karma

From 2016-2019 I worked at Credit Karma, leading teams that completely changed how Americans and Canadians think about their finances. When I started, Credit Karma was primarily a place to check your credit scores. When I left almost 4 years later, we had expanded into a variety of financial verticals, which required major shifts to our apps. I spent a lot of my time shifting the apps to accommodate for all these new conversations with Stories, and going deep on new things like mortgages and introducing Credit Karma Tax to help Americans file their taxes. On their phone. For free. And some of them in less than 10 minutes.

When I started, the design team was 5 people, and I helped grow that team, and the necessary structure to support almost 40 designers when I left.

Working with startups

I spent a few years before Credit Karma helping startups of all sizes. Like helping Lilt launch the first version of their AI powered language translation platform. They’ve since raised their series B. I helped Airbnb launch Smart Pricing, which helps hosts understand and feel comfortable with dynamic pricing. I led version 2 of Snowball’s android notification tray. They were later acquired by Credit Karma, and my relationship with the founders is what ended up bringing me to work with them again.


I was previously at Evernote as a Design Director. I was there for 4 years and joined as one of the first designers. By the time I left, I had helped the design team grow to almost 30 and we were serving over 150MM users. I led small teams of only a few designers to redesign multiple products—including the revolutionary new Evernote Web App and Penultimate for iPad.