Josh Taylor


I founded Ordinary Ventures, a startup studio that launches new products and offers design services to early companies. We launched Parrot for Podcasts (our first product!), worked with Atomic to validate a new stealth startup, and helped several companies take their design to the next level.


I pushed boundaries in 2019. 
In my final year at Credit Karma, I helped apply machine learning to show each user their most relevant financial info every day. At home, my wife and I designed from the ground up every detail of our first house in Costa Rica. 


At Credit Karma, I spent much of the year building the infrastructure for a successful workplace while helping build our design, research, and writing team from 5 to nearly 40 incredibly talented people.


I became Senior Director of Product Design at Credit Karma, where I helped the company reinvent itself as a powerful financial assistant — beginning with the launch of Credit Karma Tax™.


I started 2016 working with ClassPass and General Catalyst before joining Credit Karma full time as a design director.


I supported multiple startups, helping them launch their first products, rethink their web and app design, and take major steps forward in their growth.


In my final year at Evernote, I led two major projects — overhauling the web app to make it feel modern and native to the web and redesigning Penultimate, our top handwriting app that we acquired in 2012. 
By my exit, Evernote’s design team had grown from 3 to over 30 world-class designers and I’d grown from an individual contributor into a Design Director (and even tried my hand as Project Manager).


As Evernote built out its platform, I led the web app team and continued my work on the web clipper. On top of my main products, I also helped with several projects when the team needed extra hands, including Evernote’s brand strategy as we unified its multiple apps and moved into China.


My role grew with the Evernote design team as I led continued web app improvements, the redesign of Penultimate, and sections of the Evernote Mac app that would go on to win an Apple Design Award.


I became designer #3 at Evernote, then a growth-stage productivity startup on the verge of redefining the standards of app design.


I explored new design techniques while working on a tourism website, iPad music app, and social gaming platform during an internship at Berlin’s Edenspiekermann. 
In the fall, I moved to Barcelona to earn my Master’s Degree in Design and Art Direction at Elisava.