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Moving beyond credit scores

Credit Karma needed to expand their business way beyond credit scores. In 2018, I led a major initiative to create the architecture that would allow us to expand into multiple new verticals. We weighed many revenue and traffic concerns as we built a powerful ML driven experience to provide personalized experiences for our over 100M members. Acquired by Intuit in 2020.

Acquired by Intuit in 2020.

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A Podcast mini-series on the soft skills of design

A lot of being a great designer is connected to soft skills—not craft. So in 2018 I created a podcast mini-series to talk to great designers about what it takes to actually be successful as a design professional.

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File your taxes in 10 minutes on your phone

n 2016 Credit Karma acquired a tax prep company and we relaunched as our own product in 100 days. The following year, we made ourselves a challenge—build something new for our 80M+ mobile members by allowing them to file directly from their phone. Our ambitious goal to do it in 10 minutes was accomplished by some, but more importantly served as a revolutionary mult-year north star for our team to dramatically simplify the tax process.

Acquired by Square in 2020.

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Redesigning the Evernote Web App

In 2014, I led a small design team to completely rethink and redesign Evernote's web app. The final product increased engagement and served as an example of what Evernote's note taking experience could be.

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Say Hello to delightful notifications on Android

n 2015, I worked closely with the founding team of Snowball to rethink what notifications can be on your Android phone and launch a whole new app.

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A bold new vision for one of the most popular iPad apps

Penultimate was acquired by Evernote in 2012 as one of the highest grossing iPad apps at the time. To stay on the top of the handwriting space, we knew we'd have to make big improvements.

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A revolutionary new tool for translators

In 2015, I worked with the extremely talented team at Lilt to design a powerful new translation app that uses the machine translation backend they spent years researching and developing.

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A conversational approach to the job hunt

What if finding your dream job was as simple as having a conversation? I designed Shortlist’s first app in 2015 that allows employers to hear from candidates in their own words—and voice.

We also built out their initial brand, which they've continued to use and evolve to this day.

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Now the right price is easier than ever.

Airbnb hosts that use price tips earn 13% more. With this in mind, I helped the team release a new tool that automatically adjusts your price based on hundreds of factors—Smart Pricing. In 2015, I helped them design an experience for web and mobile that lets hosts understand what Smart Pricing can do, and turn it on easily and with confidence that their prices are always optimal.

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