Evernote Clearly is a browser extension to clean up web pages so that they are extremely readable. I worked on everything for this little app - from the visual design and themes, to the interaction design and even direction for the branding with Carlos Rocafort.

Make it readable

The web is a beautiful place, filled with just about anything you would ever want to find. But when it comes to reading articles, all those links can be very distracting. We set out to make an experience that is focused on simplifying what you are looking at so that you can read it easily and then save that simplified version to your Evernote account.

It's great for researching, pulling ideas together, and in depth reading.


Highlighting text is beautiful - just like highlighting text in a book. But it goes beyond beautiful. Highlighting text will automatically save it to your Evernote account. This allows you to have a nice annotated version of your article for future reference.


A good reading experience is one that adapts to the reader. I designed three beautiful themes for reading and allow users to create their own themes as well—all easily accessible from the menu on the side.

Related notes

Clearly isn't just about removing everything. It's about making a better reading experience. Evernote pulls in content from your account that is related to what you are reading. So if you are researching an 18th century literature paper, maybe that poem you already save from William Wordsworth will show up.

This level of serendipitous discovery shows the best side of the internet - links when you want them, to your own conent.

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